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Buongiorno, lasagna aficionados! LALA Lasagneria is the piazza where pasta meets passion. Dive into our decadent layers, a symphony of savor, serenading your taste buds straight to the Italian countryside. Each bite? A splash of dolce vita. Every forkful? A testament to our love for lasagna. So, come, amici! Embark on a gastronomic gondola with LALA Lasagneria - your very own slice of Italy!

Ciao Ciao!

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Say "ciao" to Giovanni - our pasta maestro and the heart behind LALA Lasagneria. The man who journeyed from the picturesque landscapes of Italy to The Netherlands, trading his Vespa for a Gazelle. He's on a mission to rescue the Dutch from mediocre lasagna. Giovanni's goal? To serve up nothing but the best, the real deal – authentic, irresistible lasagna that warms the heart. ❤️

Drawing from the cherished recipes of his beloved Nonna, LALA Lasagneria presents a diverse range of more than five scrumptious, hearty lasagnas. Whether you're a fan of the classic style, have a hankering for something spicy, prefer a vegetarian feast, or crave something extra creamy, we've got you covered! 😋

lasagna for life, amore!

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Trust me, we totally understand 😉 (happens to us on a daily). Check out our locations to see if we're near you!

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veni vedi lasagna
veni vedi lasagna
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our history

LALA Lasagneria is one of the first brands in our Urban Kitchen family of restaurants. Urban Kitchen originated as a cloud kitchen in Amsterdam, launching and running their own brands in one central kitchen.

💡 We quickly realised that LALA Lasagneria stood out.

After months of being perfected by top chefs, data- and process specialists, we have cracked the code of running a successful virtual restaurant. Next, it was finally time to tell the world:

We are now partnering up with restaurant entrepreneurs to allow them to launch a delivery franchise within their existing restaurant. 🚀

LALA Lasagneria is ready to take over the Netherlands, and we're pretty on the way!

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