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Pastel-colored brand icon of LALA Lasagneria featuring a cute, red tomato.

what started in amsterdam....

Has now spread through multiple cities in the Netherlands! LALA Lasagneria has proven it's successes and is now ready to integrate seamlessly into your existing kitchen. Become a licensee today!


More lasagna than we could ever dream of

our history

Once upon a time, our founder embarked on a brave quest, packing nothing but an unwavering passion and a cherished family recipe. Their mission? To bless the humble streets of Amsterdam with the warm, bubbling bliss of authentic lasagna. We’re talking oodles of noodles, heaps of cheese, layers of love, and a sauce so soulful, it could be an Italian opera.

But here's the saucy twist - our lasagna didn't just conquer the canals of Amsterdam, it went Dutch! Yes, from Maastricht to Groningen, our golden squares of joy had the Netherlands singing "Mamma Mia!" in no time.

The lasagna tidal wave surprised even us. It was a farfalle-fledged phenomenon, a vermicelli-rious victory, a... well, you get the picture. More lasagna than we ever dared to dream of!

Now, we're serving up an exciting opportunity for you to bring this ragu revolution to your hometown! Become a part of the LALA Lasagneria family. Grab your apron, stir up some sauce, and ride this gravy train to lasagna town!

Together, we'll keep the Netherlands noodly, one slice at a time. Let's paint the town red... with tomato sauce!